Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Good Evening! I have some updates for you tonight. First, I went shopping with my Mom today. I purchased one item, a pair of Nike sneakers for my daughter. They were on clearance for $14.98, and they are one size up from what she's wearing now. Technically, I didn't even purchase them. I used some of her birthday money to buy the shoes. THANKS GRANDMA AND PAP-PAP!

Another update, I've been thinking about my meals. I see a lot of people posting how much their dinners cost, and I wondered how much mine cost. I don't know if I can break it down into a lot of detail, but here goes:

Chicken Tetrazinni
Chix - $1.50
Sour Cream - $.99
Chix Broth - $.43
Mozz Cheese - $1 (not bought on sale, although I did buy the store brand)
Butter - $.63
Margarine - $.22
Linguine - $.75
salt, pepper, bread crumbs, garlic and onion powder - $.40 (high estimate since I use very little of each except bread crumb -- 1 cup)

Grand Total: $5.92 -- then I split the entire casserole into 2 dishes (one for us and one for mom and dad)
$2.96 each, four servings in each dish, for a
Total per serving: $.74

Not bad.

Beef Stew - this one is more guessing since I used frozen veggies I'd bought, not on sale, awhile ago.

Beef Cubes - $4.19
2 Potatoes - $2.19
1/2 bag frozen onion - $1.00 (an estimate, probably a little high)
1/2 bag frozen pea - $1.00 (ditto)
2 fresh carrots - $.28
Celery - $.30 (I honestly have no idea how much this cost. I bought it at least 6 weeks ago and keep it in my Tupperware fridgesmart containers. It keeps almost forever!)
1/2 bag frozen corn - $1.00 (same as above veggies)
ginger, bouillon, salt, pepper, cornstarch - $.50 (a high estimate)
1/2 bag frozen green peppers -$1.00 (ditto with veggies)

Grand total $10.96 (I'd say this is a high estimate since I don't know the exact price I paid for the veggies)
2 meals, 4 servings each, gives us a grand total of
$1.37 per serving

Still, not too bad. I could have cut it down farther if I'd followed the recipe, but I put more veggies in it. This beef stew is really fabulous! I omit the raisins since I think it sounds gross. I also added, corn, peppers, potatoes, and maybe the peas too. But it's really tasty, as my 2-year old son would say.

Try it and let me know what you think.

I could have used a fresh onion, but my onions are so strong that the last time I chopped one my eyes burned for a hour afterwards. I was going out after making this stew so I didn't want to have to deal with burning, watery eyes.


  1. Jess,
    I don't know how soon it will be. She's definitely stopped growing as fast as she was. At least we're getting good use out of her current sneakers.


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