Friday, February 20, 2009

Updates and Rebates (Ebates and Shop at Home)

Wow! So it's been a while since I've had the time to post anything. We were away last weekend, and we had to come back early Sunday morning to make it to small group Sunday night. I started physical therapy for my neck and back this week, so I'm pretty sore in strange places. Plus, both of my kids are sick.

So, I have nothing major to report, except that I am still signing up for freebies. I received, cereal, splenda and 2 $10 Target gift cards just this week. The gift cards are from Ebates, which along with Shop At Home (SAH), is a pretty cool site. Just link to your store through the Ebates or SAH site and you get a percentage of your total bill (minus shipping and tax). Each store has a set percentage, and sometimes they offer specials. I know Snapfish does 10%. At Christmas, I spend $150 on pictures and gifts from Snapfish and I got credited or $15 from SAH. They mail checks every month but it's like a 3 month delay. This month (February) they are mailing checks from November. Also, if you have less than $20 in your account at the end of the month, they roll it over to the next month and they will send you a check once your account balance is $20 or higher. Click the link on the bottom of my home page to visit Shop at Home.

Ebates works a little differently, you only have to have more than $5.00 in your account to get a check. With Ebates you get a bonus for signing up. That was my $10 Target gift card. I got two of them for some reason, and I'm not sure why. You also get a $5 bonus for anyone you get to sign up.

I don't generally shop online a lot. But I love these programs. I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year because I had a 2-year old and a not quite 1-year old to take with me! Not the most ideal shopping situation. But most stores were offering free shipping and I got some amazing deals. And Walmart ships to the store for free so it was a breeze to order and just run in to pick it up. I highly recommend these programs.

So back to updates, I am still trying to stay on budget. This week I went a little over, but that was because we went out of town and I needed stuff for a party there and snacks for the drive. And RiteAid was having Softsoap for $.99 and Suave for $.99. I had coupons for the Suave and I like to stock up when I can. They also had Colgate buy one get one free and Speed Stick 4/$9 with a $5 rebate. I had a coupon too so I got 4/$3. I couldn't really pass up $.75 deodorant. I also invested in (not on sale) a new Zwipes binder for my coupons. I'm giving a seminar in a few weeks and I want to see how this works for me before I suggest in to others.

Hopefully, things will slow down for me next week. Look for some new weekly posts coming soon. I am working on:
My Menu Monday -- my menu for the week
Save Me Saturday -- calulating my spending and saving for the week
Saling Sunday -- not a typo, going through the next week's sales flyers and coupons

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