Monday, February 23, 2009

Organization: What Works for You?

"There has got to be something better than this!"

If you live in Couponland like I do, I'm sure you've had the same thought as me. How can I make this coupon thing easier? I already spend hours finding sales, why should I have to spend hours searching through my coupons looking for the one that I need? Needless to say, I have been on the look out for a new coupon organizer, and so I wondered what yours looks like. I have seen a lot of great ideas out there, but nothing that really seemed like it would work for me. Until last week, that is.
I invested in a wonderful device to organize my coupons. It cost me $10, including the plastic paper covers, but I consider it a $10 well paid. It has already made life in Couponland easier.

This is my Zwipes binder. There is a special erasible pen that you can use on the front cover. I can write my grocery list or any special deals that I've found. I can also make a list of coupons I want to use and how much they are worth. When I want to erase, I wipe the area with the white end of the pen, then erase. It's amazing! I also purchased plastic page covers for inside the binder. I've labeled them grocery list, coupons for this week, receipts, ECB/REBATES, Breakfast foods, dairy, etc.
I don't expect everyone to love this idea. This is what works for me. I am, however, curious as to what you think. How do you coupon?
**When I came back to reread this, I realized I forgot to mention a plan for my system. I want to also create a spreadsheet for each category, listing each coupon, amount and expiration date, along with any stipulations. This page would slide into each of my labeled holders. See pictures above for a visual. This way I only have to pull out the sheet to see if I have the coupon I need before I sort through my coupons. Then, I cross off what I've used and add new coupons when I get them. This will take some effort on my part to create the spreadsheets. I've already started typing them, it just takes a while.

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