Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adventures in Money Saving

So I have been looking at my receipts from yesterday's shopping excursion (yes I must call it that and you'll see why) and I've done well. I spent a total of $157.53. Yes, this is over my weekly budget by $17.53, but I spent $16.48 on diapers and pull-ups, which I don't count, so I'm only over by $1.05. I wanted to be under budget but I got some really good deals, so I'm not complaining. On that note, I shouldn't need deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dish detergent or dishwasher tablets for months...if not the rest of the year for some of those items.

I also figured out how much I saved just in coupons this week:
Weis Markets -- $11.00
Giant Foods -- $20.91
Rite Aid -- $7.00
CVS -- $9.00
CVS ECB -- $20.49

Grand Total Coupon Savings: $68.40 (this is not even including sales and bonus buys)

My total savings (coupons and sales)
Weis Markets -- $31.90 (31%)
Giant Foods -- $50.79
Rite Aid -- $19.36 (plus tax and I'll also be getting $7.00 in rebates)
CVS -- $47.99 (plus I also found another $2 ecb attached to my receipt. I was only expecting $3 so I missed this one.)

Grand Total Savings (coupons and sales): $150.04 not including the $7.00 rebates and $2 ECB

Not Bad

Keep watching for my next post: How to Conquer the Hoarder in You!

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