Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saling Sunday

I haven't actually done my grocery shopping for the week yet, but I've been through all the flyers and here are the best deals that I've seen or that I'm planning to pick up. By the way, I'm skipping CVS this week in an effort to stay on track, even though they have Colgate toothpaste on sale for $.89 a tube.......gotta draw the line somewhere.

Rite Aid:
Garnier Fructis (wonder waves shampoo, conditioner, mousse or hairspray)
$2.99, Rebate $2.99, $1 coupon
total cost: $-1.00
Kotex (Maxi pads, Light Days Pantiliners or Security Tampons)
2/$6, Rebate $2.00, Coupon $1.00
Total cost: 2/$3, or $1.50 each
Prilosec (42 count -- 6 week supply)
$24.99, Rebate $6.00, Coupon $3.00
Total Cost: $15.99
10/$5, Rebate $5.00, Coupon $2.00 (off ten bars)
Total Cost: 10/$-2.00
VO5 (shampoo and conditioner)
$.79 each
General Mills Cereal
BOGO, Coupons depending on selection of cereals.

Also, Zilactin is $4.99 with a $4.99 rebate. Not something I would normally purchase, but I just may to get it for free.

These are just the rebate deals I am interested in. If you see more, feel free to post them here.

To see a more detailed list of good deals, please visit Mindi and Moms Need to Know. She'll keep you up to date on all the best deals. What I'm listing are things that I plan to buy. I'm not doing major shopping this week to help get myself back on budget.

Giant Italian Bread 10/$10 a great deal, and you can always freeze the loaves.
Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna 10/$10
Hatfield Meat Hotdogs BOGO
Murray's French Toast Sticks 2/$5
Arm & Hammer 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent BOGO (I'm hoping they have this in HE for my
GE Lightbulbs (even the Energy Smart) BOGO
Angel Soft $4.99 (12 double rolls) (Coupon $1/2)
Perdue Done It! Original Breaded Cutlets or Nuggets BOGO (coupon $1)

I think that's all I need from the sales flyer this week. It's not a supergreat week for deals. I do need more things for the week, but from what I can tell, they are not on special. Thankfully, I'm not planning on buying meat this week. The rest of what I need is mainly staples, eggs, milk, soda (a staple for me), some Easy Mac and microwave Spaghettios (since we are out of town this weekend) and some herbs for my dinners this week (my rosemary expired so I need some fresh). I should be able to stay well below my $140 weekly food budget.

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