Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm starting to feel a little dumb when it comes to CVS shopping. How is it that everyone else can end up paying $.12 for $300 worth of products and I can't? I went to CVS this week, and I came out having spend $36 and saving $32. I was happy with that, until I read other posts and see that I could have done better. I know that I had two issues:

1. I only did one transaction, when I should have done 2. In my defense, I was in a huge hurry and just wanted to get in and get out. Lesson learned: don't go to CVS, or anywhere you want to save money, when you are in a hurry.

2. I didn't use all of my Extra Care Bucks. I was thinking that I would save them because it will all even out in the end. Lesson learned: using your ECB means less out of pocket spent during each trip.

Here's what I bought:

3 Softsoap hand soap $1 each ($1-coupon)
2 Palmolive (10 oz) $.97 each
8-pack Bounty Basic $5.99 ($1-coupon)
Vaseline lotion $2.99 ($1-coupon)
Electrosol Tabs $2.99 ($2.50-coupon)
2 Progressive soup $3.19 (bogo) (2 - $1.10-coupons)
2 Kleenex Antiviral $2.39 (bogo)
2 CVS dry sweep clothes $3.99 (bogo)
Excedrin 10ct $2.49 ($2.49 in ECB)
KY Jelly $19.99 ($5-coupon) ($10 in ECB)

Total: $48.96 before coupons

I had $13.70 in coupons so I spent a total of $36.27 including tax. I also got $12.49 back in ECB and I already had $5 in ECB that I didn't use.

I was thinking that it will all even out in the end, which is true, but if I'm trying to spend less out of pocket, I should be thinking differently.

I should have purchased the KY Jelly and Excedrin first, as a separate transaction, giving me $12.49 in ECB to use for another transaction. That total would have been $17.48 +tax. This would have given me a total of $17.49 in ECB. Then I should have paid for the rest of my purchases in another transaction since I was not getting anymore ECB. That total would have been $18.78 +tax which would have given me an out of pocket expense of $1.29. My total for the trip would have been $18.77 +tax instead of $36.27. I know that next time I go to CVS, I will use those ECB and it will all even out, I am still disgusted that I didn't think it through better.

If you see a better way to have done this, please let me know. I am trying to figure this all out and it seems I have a short in my brain when it comes to CVS and saving money :)

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