Monday, February 2, 2009

Giant Foods trip 2/2

Can I make a confession?


This is difficult for me to admit, because it makes me sound like I need to be going to shoppers anonymous meetings. But it's true. I love to spend money.

But this year, we're trying to save more money....afterall, we have 2 toddlers who will want (hopefully) to go to college. So, we put ourselves on a budget. This is difficult, seeing as how I like to spend money. However, I realized today that it really doesn't matter what I'm spending the money on, just as long as I'm making a purchase. I'm starting to see the advantages to shopping on a budget. I get to go to 3 or 4 stores, depending on sales, and I don't go all on one day. So, I'm getting to spend a little money here and there, buying stuff I need, satisfying my money spending habit, all throughout the course of the week.

So, of course, I'm making light of this topic. I'm just really enjoying my money-saving journey.

Sunday I went to CVS, but I'll list those savings in another post. Today I did my main grocery shopping for the week at Giant since they had better buys than Weis Markets. I mentioned in anther post that my weekly grocery budget is $100. Well, we had initially made it $140 and I'm going back to that. I want to stay at (hopefully below) $140 right now, since I'm new to using coupons. Once I'm more familiar with it, I'll lower my budget until I get it to $100. So, here's my spending/savings for this morning.

2-liter Pepsi -5/$5 (the sale is 10/$10 but you don't have to buy 10 to get that price)
San Giorgio Pasta 3/$3 (again, 10/$10)
Giant brand Potato bread 2/$3.38 (I splurged since I was hungry for potato bread)
Swanson Chix broth $.69 (2.69 minus $1 coupon, plus extra $1 off since Giant will double 4 $1
coupons this week)
Swanson Beef Broth $.69 (same a chix broth)
Banquet chix nuggets $2.00
Ham Steaks 5/$10
Purdue Chix nuggets $2 (regular price $3.99, sale price $3 and $1 coupon)
Pam Cooking spray 2/$3.70 regular price $2.85 each, $1 coupon when you buy 2 plus extra
$1 off)
4 Split Chix Breast $4.78 (BOGO)
2 Eye Round Roast $20.32 (BOGO -- I cut each one in half at home, packaged separately, so I
have 4 roasts)
Birds Eye Veggies $.89 (Reg. price $1.79, sale price $1.59 plus $.35 coupon doubled to $.70)
Giant brand frozen veggies 4/$4 (10/$10)
Yoplait kids cups (6-pack) 2/$2.78 (reg. price $2.67 each, sale price $2.39 each, plus $1 coupon,
Eggland's best Eggs $1.49 (reg. price $2.39, sale $2.19 plus $.35 coupon doubled)
Pillsburg frozen dinner rolls $1.99 ($2.99 plus $.50 coupon doubled)
Giant brand Sour Cream $.99 (reg. price 1.53)
Giant brand margarine $.89 (reg. price $.99)

I did buy a few things not on sale, like a gallon of whole milk, a pack of juice boxes (1.99), Gerber cereal bars (2.73), 6-pack applesauce (1.79) and a cake mix (1.25), icing (1.25), beef stew meat (4.19) chix breast (4.69), potatoes (2.15), carrots (.99) and instant pudding (.75) but overall I was pleased with my purchases.

Grand Total:
Before discounts $148.15
Discounts $56.56
Total Paid $91.89

This will last me more than one week, since I'm not even planning on using the split chix breasts or the eye round roasts this week. Now, if we can just use up all the leftovers.

I almost forgot to mention my savings for 2009 so far at Giant. $129.37

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