Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Coupon Lady?

Am I am Crazy Coupon Lady?

The question just occurred to me. I recently read the phrase over at Pudget: Losing Weight on a Budget and it's made me wonder? Am I a Crazy Coupon Lady? I'll admit, it has a snazzy ring to it. Kinda just rolls off the tongue. When I was in high school, my friends use to refer to me as the Comma Queen. I knew all the comma rules and could use them properly. I used to edit their papers. Maybe if I would have charged them to do this, I would be clipping coupons each week. Strangely, I'm still kind of proud of the nickname. And not so strangely, I became an English teacher. So, if I had that nickname in high school, and became and English teacher (a respectable occupation), then doesn't it stand to reason, if I call myself a Crazy Coupon Lady, something good will come of that too?

I only hope Jessica at Pudget has copyrighted that name.

Do I have a point to this? Not really. It's late and I'm 'sleepy blogging.' I'm just coming to the realization that something good can come from anything. I never wanted to be a Coupon Lady, let alone a Crazy one at that. But, I did pay for my groceries in 10 transactions this week just so I could double my coupons. I think that qualifies me as least in the mind of the very patient cashier who had to keep adjusting my coupons. I just want to pay for my groceries in the regular checkout, not worrying about handing over all my applicable coupons, because it's really embarassing to walk back into a store to tell them that you forgot to use a $1 coupon and would like them to reimburse you for it. Yes, I know this from experience. But wait.....why should I be embarassed? I am saving my family valuable money. We all know the state of our economy. It's not going to miraculously right itself overnight. So in the meantime, I'lll continue to trudge through my coupons and sales flyers each week. It is kind of a thrill to know that you would have had to pay full price for most items had you not carefully selected them, and their corresponding coupons. After all, I did walk out of Giant this past week, head held high, having spent $87 for over $140 work of groceries. Who's laughing now?

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