Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Urge to Splurge

Have you ever had one of those days where the 'urge to splurge' overwhelms you? I'm having one today. Actually, it started two days ago. I am an emotioal spender. When I get stressed, or sad, or nervous, I like to spend money. I've already covered that I don't care what I'm spending it on, as long as I'm making purchases. This is a very bad thing. I understand that. But I turned 30 today, and I'm having a rough time with it. Before you think I'm some sort of crazy person who thinks her life is over because she's 30, let me just say, "I DON'T THINK I'M OLD!" It's just that I'm saying goodbye to a part of myself that I miss sometimes. I love my family, and wouldn't change anything in the world about my life, but it's hard to not miss my carefree college days. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "I'm not just playing house. I am responsible for feeding and caring for this family." I hope you don't think I'm a bad person for sharing my feelings because I really do love my family. They are my world. Turning 30 is just making me a little sentimental.

I wanted to tell you what I've learned about my shopping habits since I've been on a budget. I can still spend money. I felt a need to shop for the past few days, so that's what I've done. But I'm going about it in a different way. I'm being more mindful of my purchases. For example, two days ago, I really wanted to shop. The old me would have done some frivolous shopping. Instead, I realized that my son's birthday is coming up in 6 weeks, so I looked at the blogs I follow, saw a good deal on a toy at Amazon, and sat down and ordered him some birthday presents. I didn't even have to leave my house, and I had satisfied that urge. Then, I found every season of Battlestar Gallactica on DVD for my husband. I didn't buy them yet. They are saved in my Amazon account right now, because I don't have a good reason to buy them. His birthday is in July, and I'm bound to have a moment where I want to spend money.

Today I was feeling the same way...sort of down. So as I cleaned my microwave, I noticed some rust spots. I noticed them before, but never did anything about it. So I thought that I would buy a new microwave....I really have heard that those rust spots are not good for a microwave and that you shouldn't keep using it. So I went to Wal-mart (I know, I know) and bought one. and didn't use any of my own money. I had $50 from Christmas, $35 from Shop At Home rebates, and $28 from Rite Aid rebates. My microwave was $82 and I used money that I had gotten from saving money! And I still shopped.

This might sound totally crazy to some of you, but it really works for me. I'm sort of tricking myself when I comes to spending money. I'm still spending but it's on things I need. How great is that?


  1. That is great that you figured out a way to curb those desires to spend.

    And I totally understand that feeling 30 brings except I did ok with the actual turning 30 I think I am having a harder year this year with turning 32 I feel like life is just passing me by and I am not getting anywhere in it. I mean I am housewife which is half of what I always wanted to be. I know that there is an expiration date on the other half of my dream... anyway I don't think you are weird its like it hits ya all of a sudden just how real it all is... And thanks for sharing and letting me share back with you. :-D

  2. Kasey,
    I'm glad people understand. It's emotional to realize that you aren't a kid anymore. Don't give up on the other half of your dream. God knows the desires of your heart. It has to be His timing. Never forget that His will is perfect.


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