Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saling Sunday

Sorry it's late, but here's Saling Sunday. We just got back into town today, so I didn't have alot of time to search out great sales. I went to Giant tonight, and I did manage to score some pretty sweet freebies and almost freebies! A few weeks ago, I found a site (and I apoligize that I don't remember what site it was) with a coupon for a free bag of Rice Works. I printed out 10 of them. Giant has them for $2.73 per bag. I got 10 bags for free! That's $27.30 worth of product for ZERO DOLLARS! I was really excited! It even made me overlook the very young, very much laughing at me, register clerk what had to double scan each of those coupons during my 10 transactions. Also, they are discontinuing the Chef Boyardee ABC/123 and Dinosaur shaped spaghettios (in the larger containers, not the microwavable ones), so I was able to get 10 cans for $.37 each.

Chicken of the Sea (Solid white Tuna in water) 10/$10
Pepsi 2-liters 10/$10
Giant Italian Bread 10/$10
Juicy Juice for Tots $1.99 (buy 3 get $1 off next order)
Skippy Natural 3/$5 (plus I had a $1 coupon)

I didn't need a whole lot, so I just picked up the basics, plus a few things for dinner this week. There are other sales, just check out for the full sales flyer. I live by this site!

Be watching for a new post this week: Walmart: Friend or Foe?

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