Monday, March 9, 2009

Bird's Eye Steamfresh Meal for Two

I recently purchased one of these Steamfresh Meals for $3.00 at my local grocery store. I was pretty excited, since it seemed like such an easy meal. And it was, don't get me wrong. I chose the Asian themed meal and it was very good. The veggies were steamed perfectly, still a little crunchy. My only issue is that it's not really enough for two people. I thought that might be the issue, so I made some Korean rice to go with it, and it was good that I did. I took a small amount and my husband ate the rest, along with the rice. The sauce has really good flavor, but my suggestion would be to have something else to eat with it...maybe some eggrolls. But don't count on it being enough for 2 adults. I think it's something I would purchase again, but only if it's a really good deal and I can get something else to go with it.

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