Friday, April 10, 2009

Giant Foods Complaint

Check out Moms Need to Know for her AWESOME letter to Giant about their ridiculous coupon policy. It's so ironic that this week I have had to contact them as well. Below I've copied my second message to them. I am seriously considering not shopping there anymore. It's sad because I really do get the best deals there, but at some point, I have to stand up out of principle, don't you agree?

Dear Giant,
First, I am appalled by your coupon policy. Very few stores have a policy as difficult as yours. We are experiencing difficult economic times. Would it be so difficult to make your policy a little more lenient so people could save more money? Second, this is the second time I have send you a message with a complaint. The first time (Tuesday), I was called and told someone would get back to me with further information. That was days ago. My complaint is with the fact that I cannot use a Buy One Get One Free coupon printed from the internet, when in fact I found the exact same coupon on your website the day after mine was denied. It's false advertising to not honor something that is advertised in writing. I gave the woman who called me this information, and what happened? Instead of calling me back with more information as promised, the coupon was taken off your site. Not before I printed it off, of course. I expect you to honor it the next time I go in. After all, it did print with your company name on the coupon and I got it from your website. I have serious doubts as to whether I will set foot in your store again. I choose to give my business and my money to a business with integrity. Your response to this message will show me if you have any.


  1. good for you, keep us posted on the response - if you get one

  2. I definitely will keep you posted. I am hoping to hear back from them soon. They contacted me right away after my first message, but I will admit that my first message was a little bit nicer. :-)


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